Industry Development

The digital space is a huge opportunity for tourism.

We’re all about teaching small and medium businesses in the tourism industry to embrace and leverage the HUGE opportunities within the digital space. We do this by delivering entertaining, educational and practical workshops, training and key note speaking.

We passionately believe that digital marketing provides enormous potential for destinations and their products and services – but it is largely an unknown space for most small and medium businesses.

Sure, some are doing it well… but most aren’t. We love making our audiences feel excited (not overwhelmed) about all things social and digital – and empowered enough to go out and start shaking things up – and trying something new.


Who is our training for?

Our training is aimed at small and medium business owners,  marketers and teams of local council, or regional tourism organisations.

What topics are covered?

Our workshops, presentations and keynotes cover topics such as Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Facebook Advertising, The Art of Story Telling, Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Marketing, Apps for Content Creation, Blogging and more. Each session is tailored to the region and audience, with local case studies and examples used.

What is included?

Each session includes a copy of the presentation, provided to the organiser, for distribution to all attendees.  For most presentations there are additional resources provided electronically to help with their success.

Who do we work with?

We are engaged to facilitate tourism industry development workshops by Regional Tourism Organisations, Local Government/Councils and local tourism industry associations. We also work with private enterprise to build digital marketing capability and know-how within their teams.

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